Peering & Transit

In general, we have an open peering policy.
  • ASN: 211876
  • as-set: AS-FIXMIXNET (available on RIPE, APNIC, ARIN, and ALTDB IRR)
  • Suggested IPv4 prefix limit: 0
  • Suggested IPv6 prefix limit: 100
We peer with route servers at all connected Internet Exchanges. However, you are welcome to request a private peering session if you wish.
To establish private peering with us, you must maintain a complete and up-to-date PeeringDB profile, including as-set, suggested prefix limits, as well as NOC and abuse contact information.
We accept peering via common Internet Exchanges (listed on Connectivity page).
We also accept peering via tunnel at selected PoPs.
Free IPv6 Transit service is also available.
Point of Peering (PoP) List
Peering via IX
Peering via tunnel
Free IPv6 Transit
🇩🇪 FRA1
Frankfurt am Main, DE
🇩🇪 FSN1
Falkenstein, DE
🇳🇱 AMS1
Amsterdam, NL
🇳🇱 HAA1
Haarlem, NL
🇮🇹 ROM1
Rome, IT
🇱🇺 LUX1
Bissen, LU
🇫🇷 PAR1
Paris, FR
🇺🇸 FMT1
Fremont, US
🇨🇦 YVR1
Vancouver, CA
🇺🇸 LAS1
Las Vegas, US
🇺🇸 MCI2
Kansas City, US
🇺🇸 MIA1
Miami, US
🇺🇸 NYC2
New York City, US
🇨🇳 HKG1
Hong Kong, CN
🇨🇳 HKG2
Hong Kong, CN
🇯🇵 TYO2
Tokyo, JP
🇸🇬 SIN1
Singapore, SG
🇨🇳 SHE3
Shenyang, CN
🇨🇳 SHA1
Shanghai, CN
🇨🇳 CAN1
Guangzhou, CN
🇨🇳 HGH1
Hangzhou, CN
🇷🇺 KHV2
Khabarovsk, RU
🇳🇿 AKL1
Auckland, NZ